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270xp alternator (That car had electrical issues). Have you considered installing a dual output alternator? Or even a higher amp alternator with a regulator set at 14. 11548-270XP HIGH AMP ALTERNATOR FOR A 2013-2017 JEEP WRANGLER 3. Also bought a DC Power 270XP Alternator and replaced my Odyssey PC2150 battery in the front with a PC1500. i went to put it in this morning and it is charging at 19. Cold idle output: 200 amps (to better offset the 230 amp glow plug draw) Want more? DC Power Engineering’s Dual Alternator Bracket is an easy and quick alternative to fixing electrical issues when you need more output than your factory or single high output alternator can handle while providing you with the safety and security of having a second alternator. yes, both batteries ARE identical, and im also putting on a 270XP alternator seems my factory 130 just died. A fully loaded winch can draw over 400 amps. 0 Diesel w/80K 6/19 ARP Studs, O-Ringed Heads Stage I KC Turbo 10V DC Power 270XP Die Hards 6. 7-250XP is $850 SBC-T4. 5 years old. If the battery voltage stays at 14, then either the alt ISN'T at full-field, or whatever the alt is putting out is being used somewhere else (like in a winch), and it won't hurt the battery at all I wanted an alternator now so the thought of ordering, waiting for shipping, I wasn't going to go there. Riverside, CA. You really have to rely on your batteries with the stock alternator for that first minute or two. SBC-NTD42-270XP. Later migration to the Sears Die Hard Platinum 950CCA AGM batteries have improved the voltage readings even further. 4” Diamond Eye SS Exh System W/two 4” SS Diamond Eye mufflers. Find ALTERNATOR END / GENERATOR NEWAGE / STAMFORD UCI274F 60HZ . Two SMD 18's. There is a lot more going on inside our facility than simply selling the most advanced Nations Starter & Alternator, Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Three XS Power XP3000. i dont dare rev the engine. 270xp alternator Pedal Commander Diablo i2 GREENE TUNE FASTMAN TB Stock 3. satish1015 14 Jul 25, 2016 · The fitment model# for the Gen-5 4Runner is: NSA-11517-270XP. Extreme High Amp Output Ford Cars Trucks Alternators. 5" AAL and 5100's rear, 285/70/17 Pro Comp Xtreme MT's, Extended rear diff breather, Husky Liners, Toyota in box May 09, 2011 · isn't the alternator easier to get to from the lower side. DODGE TRUCK 2001 - 2006 270XP High Amp DC Power Alternator. I actually just replaced the batteries for $400 just 3 weeks ago. 8 volts charge voltage at idle. The alternator charges the battery and keeps the electrical accessories of the car working while it is running. 92503 Phone Toll Free (US ONLY): 888-441-0144 Local and International:1-951-509-5617 Nov 19, 2010 · Need A Long Lasting, Reliable Alternator? EXO's Got The Hook Up! Call DC Power Today! Toll Free: 1-888-441-0144 https://www. The Large Case Denso Hairpin 270 Amp XP series high output alternator is a component of a next generation high efficiency, severe duty charging  Search By Year, Make and Model. 74 Add To Cart. Car & Truck Alternators & Generators. htm. This Unit Mounts Like Earlier Bosch and NDenso Units Used on the 4. i just cant belive in this day & age of discounts they wont do 10%. 2210-A Kingsway Drive Cape Girardeau MO Enter any competitor alternator or starter part number and find a compatible Bosch part number that will fit your vehicle. 5L H4) $469. Once I tally up the mount, the pulley and the alternator, it's about double the Photoman bracket/Sequoia option and within $200 of the M2K. 10-22-2019 04:32 PM by Subsequent migration away from the stock alternator and into a 270XP DC Power alternator has resulted in voltages that never dip below 13. 7 and know that a 220 amp is a option for 4th gen trucks from factory but does anyone know if it was for the 3rd gen hemi's? Or if a 4th gen one will be direct fit onto mine with zero modifications needed, im guessing no? The hilux alternator to date is not computer controlled. 3 volts at hot idle (as measured at one of the batteries) with all accessories (headlights, blower motor, heated seats, inverters, radio, etc) on; 2. youtub 1997 Acura CL 4cly 2. Stock type Alternator and Starters We will try to ship from the location nearest you. . 4 Starter, BPD Waterpump FASS 125 Titanium w/Adj. Please consider either upgrading to the 270XP or 370XP series units or downgrading to the 185 amp OEM series unit. When the alternator loses capacity or fails, the electrical systems will only stay on until the battery's reserve charge is depleted. Thats about all I got on the subject. SBC-NTB42-270XP. Gates Green Stripe serpentine belt. Free shipping. We do not process orders on the weekend, High output alternator and high Performance Alternator orders ship from Michigan. 270XP Alternators. Last week, outside air temps were finally high enough to have full traction for a third gear pull to datalog. 4L Product Information NOTE: 180 Amp There are two alternators for this car, 150a and 180a. GT500NL. 7L 2001-05 6-GROOVE PULLEY. All of your current is coming from the battery, not the alternator. 3L Diesel 92-94, E150 5. 6L Turbo-Diesel V8 engine. Any alternator will do very little during high current draws like winching. Especially when the Advance one has a lifetime warranty. Stumbled across it during a Screw paying $650 for a new alternator when its only that wrong. 50/18 Biggest difference I saw going 190 to 270 was its high 12's and 13's at start up. 1-29-09 - Thought I would update the page with some new photos and a new video on page 8. SDMO Alternator 12V, 40AMPS . I have literally 80 or so posts, so please bear with me until I'm done to post. Generally, alternator amp output should equal 25% of battery capacity. 9 products. 9cs door speakers, Kenwood KAC-X20 driving an infinity kappa 100. my guess is the wiring is wrong? somehow? im a noob when it comes to this kind of electrical. ” Alex Kaczor — Northbrook, IL. 8 out of 5 stars 11 $85. 5: 749: 5th gen T4Rs : 2006 whining noise. 1VDC Idle Amperage 160 Max Amperage 270 Mounting Type Direct fit to OEM Mounting Weight: 17 Lbs / 7. 2. But I gave my 190 amp to a kid that lives by me but it needed repair work since it was kinda smashed a little. All units and parts are not always in stock at all locations so if your in a hurry call 616-606-5045 to check stock first. Subsequent migration away from the stock alternator and into a 270XP DC Power alternator has resulted in voltages that never dip below 13. 1 lt 4 Cyl. It is D. Then it rises slowly as the battery overcharges. 9 v6 Asking $350 Shipped to Con. I added a second optima battery and two 1farad caps. Apr 01, 2011 · DC Power 270xp alternators By pstone11 , April 1, 2011 in Product Reviews - Post a review on a product you have first hand, personal experience with. i guess its been 8 years now; its an '05. ALL mounting hardware needed to install the bracket and alternator to the vehicle. Starters & Alternators are our Specialty. New Alternator Npr Chevrolet Isuzu Wiring, Electrical and Installation Help Enclosure Design & Construction Help Car Audio Build Logs So, moving my build log over here. Jul 25, 2020 - Explore Grayson Smith's board "2015 CHEVY SILVERADO 2500HD TRUCK", followed by 506 people on Pinterest. 2-270XP Idle 200 Max 270 - $825. Alternator worked flawlessly for GM Alternators. 95 270 Amp XP High Output Alternator (Toyota 4Runner 4. 6L 5. The stock one should be ok if you don't plan on adding a big stereo. THE XP ALTERNATOR · 11584-270XP High Amp Alternator for a 2012-2020 Jeep Wrangler 3. 97' UP CORVETTE ALTERNATOR---240 AMPS, 275 Amps 4. This high-output alternator is designed to be a direct OEM replacement for the TD42T1 and TD42T3 (4. 150 KW 363CSL1607j MARATHON GENERATOR ALTERNATOR 188 KVA 3 PHASE. I know a few people with trucks that run their high amp alternators and haven't had any problems. 20 Aug 2016 The alternator on my 1991 80 series Landcruiser lasted 480,000!!! When I had my 100 series I replaced the alternator with a 270XP (270  then go even bigger to a 250 or 270A alternator. so if anyone could help id appreciate 180 Amp HP High Output Alternator (Subaru Impreza 2005 2. 12V ALTERNATORS DC Power 270XP alternator 144,000 miles and counting. Secondary Alternator SBC-SS-270XP SBC-SS-390XP SBC-SS-320SPXi SBC-SS-24V-150 Mounting Brackets Alternator For Thermo King Generator TK270 Yanmar 2TNV70 AMA0002 9515593 20531 (Fits: Isuzu NPR) $84. 2006 F250 LARIAT CCSB 4X4 6. Has anyone had any issues or problems with this  High Torque Starters, High Amp Alternators, New Starters for Marine ATV & Motorcycle, Heavy Duty Truck & Industrial/ Tractor Alternator & Starter, Repair Kits,  26 May 2011 So here it is people. 0L Power Stroke Diesel :: DC Power 270XP Alternator Died Suddenly? After 2yrs and 1mo, my DC power 270XP amp died. 00 SBC-T4. IE removed tire, inner fender well liner, and kick ass. Part Number: SUM-810344 KG4 Alternator, 150 amps Options: KW5 Alternator, 220 amps 1 - Included with (VYU) Snow Plow Prep Package when ordered with gas or diesel engines. A precision CNC 6061T6 aluminum pulley with a . Previously I had done the Big 3 (+2 extra grounds) and put a Kinetik HC800 in the back and I had voltage drop in the low 12s go Business Hours Monday-Friday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (PDT) Saturday and Sunday: Closed. You are close to the failure range in mileage of these alternator just anyway; 3. Here is a small sampling of the alternator options available for GM vehicles. SKU, 13940-270-XP. Before I get into this, I have two warnings: this will be a slow build, and this log is going to have a lot of pictures in it. well there vender will & give free shipping. There was a group buy awhile ago. AD-230 Series alternator with the larger more powerful 140, 170 or 200 amp AD-244 series type alternator. it sounds like the smartest way to go is with a solenoid; but i still dont see why running them inline would hurt, if i have proper grounding for the system itself. See more ideas about 2015 chevy silverado, Chevy silverado, Silverado. Test the alternator and was getting 11. Enter your email address for special offers from Nations Starter & Alternator. 1 Jan 2015 2008+ tranny pan and filter; Mishimoto intercooler pipes, boots, and silicone coolant hoses; DC Power 270XP alternator; 144,000 miles and  5 Dec 2016 I'm in the process of upgrading to the 270xp. 6volts off the stud=BAD Alternator. DC Power Engineering 270XP Alternator HELP. 5 volts. I ordered a 270XP Alternator for a 2009 2. Let me know if I can hook you up with one of these bad boys for a few nickels off of what you can get them for on the DC Power site (though, really, the 185amp OEM unit is a huge upgrade all by its lonesome for half Buy NEW ALTERNATOR COMPATIBLE WITH ISUZU HEAVY DUTY NQR NPR 98-02 LR180-509R LR180509 LR180509C: Alternators - Amazon. and love it. These guys make some of the BEST alts! Go check out their site for more info on a HO Jun 27, 2019 · I'm considering getting a 270-XP high-output alternator. to me not with the extra 400 500. the 390 is only 10 more at idle hot. During high current draw, the alternator will do its best to keep up, but they are not meant for long duty cycle. Aug 31, 2012 · So I ordered a used 270 XP for $360 shipped on CACO for my GMC Jimmy (fancy Blazer, same 4. Weld ramp to 36-38 volts. Someone around here has a thread about one. 95 #dcpowerinc 06/30/2020 We're offering free domestic ground shipping on all of our alternators from now through 4th of July weekend. I have a 2001 Ford F150 V8 that I will be starting a build on. 2 lbs. C. IPR Coolant filter w/ Manifold CAT EC-1 coolant SCT X4 ECM Rollback & PHP Tunes 100HP Hercules & 65HP Tow Tune Icon/Deaver Suspension Toyo M/T 38/15. it might be more efficient and not have to work as hard. I am currently trying to figure out everything needed for the install. 4l Pontiac G6 to support audio equipment and an inverter   Automotive Diagnostic Tools Scanners, High Output, High Amp Alternators by M2K. :lol: who the hell would put a clutch  6 Dec 2015 Who had dual alternators on their NCV3? What is your Also, even though the kit says "270XP dual alternator kit" the alternator is a "280XP. 09. I had the alternator on my doorstep by the end of the week and FTE guys could not buy one to save their lives. 1999-UP GM vehicles w\ AD-230 or AD-244 250 AMP Alternator Replace your existing 100-102 amp. I am not sure why the GT500 applications only list 270amp units. 270 Amp XP High Output Alternator Our XP series high-output alternators are the ultimate upgrade when you need the absolute biggest and most sophisticated high output alternator on the planet. This Unit Uses a 6-Groove Pulley. Filter. 1,189 likes · 10 talking about this · 38 were here. Joined: Nov 4, 2014 Member: #141714 Messages: 2,099 Gender: Male First Name: Joe Fleetwood NC Vehicle: 2003 black DLX Tacoma,5VZ-FE,5 speed,4x4. Many enter the ones that they want alphabetically from #24 to #0 so it scrolls through logically. Turned out my 1 yr old alternator was failing and playing havoc with the tuner. Watch. 00 I just burned out my alternator on my 1991 HDJ81 and I'm looking for an easy I had two 1000/1 and a 500/1 in my 2008 grand prix. This SBC heavy-duty alternator generates a maximum of 270 Amps at normal driving speeds and produces 200 Amps at idle. SO, I purchased a DC Power 270SP alternator for my 03 Suburban, they are out of stock on the unit I ordered so they sent me a 270XP which I was pumped about because it is a nicer unit. Well, this alternator (270XP), will fit in the exact same footprint as the original, even the wiring harness will align w/ no mods. 00. But my main question is about the alternator. but does toyota make a higher amp alternator? SBC-T4. 4 out of 5 stars 565 If you're looking for a significant overall increase in top end and idle output, the XP series alternator is your solution. 2-350XP Idle 210 Max 350 - $1,295. It just started outta nowhere and it sounds like it's not going to last long. (Will need a new remote/screen cracked) Has factory stereo w/ factory subwoofer. com/270- Amp-XP-High-Output-Alternator-for-Nissan-p/13940-270xp. 00 dollars invested just for the electrical in that car. Fox 2. 4L Ford F150 F250 F350 2004-2008 Mark LT 2006-2008 4L3U-10300-BB 4L3Z-10346-BA 4L3Z-10346-BB 4. MOUNTING TYPE: OEM Fitment; OUTPUT VOLTAGE: 14. ALSO FITS: Nov 04, 2019 · It provides a fairly large amount of electrical capacity, charged by the 270XP alternator (no plans for sol LiFePO4 house battery with 270XP alternator - Toyota 4Runner Forum - Largest 4Runner Forum Join us now! The 270 Amp XP Series high output alternator is the ultimate upgrade for Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Hummer and Oldsmobile vehicles. 3 Vortec) and couldnt believe I just dropped 3 and 1/2 bills on an alternator. That was the highest output I could find and I've been running it for year now. I do long distances for work so I gotta fix this fast. The XP series alternators are 20 percent lighter and provide a 50 percent increase in output than a conventional wound alternator. 95 11291-270 Amp XP High Amp Alternator for 2008-2010 Ford F-250 F-350 F-450 F-550 with 6. J. If you are unsure which part to buy, please contact customer service with your VIN. 270XP Series alternator Dual alternator mounting bracket OEM idler pulley for the best serpentine belt life. While you are doing the job did you look into that higher capacity unit from DEKA. Truck has been running great. 4 driving infinity kappa 60. Link to post Share on other sites. 5L gasoline) engine are rated up to 80 Amps and only produce 60 Amps at idle. 002 hard anodized coating is installed on each alternator for maximum output and durability. sbc-t4. Mahle. 13912-270XP Dodge Truck 270XP High Amp DC Power Alternator 2001 - 2006 $286. 0L pulley. 0L V6 1GR-FE) from $629. Any suggestions would be great. The forth wire that goes back to the ecu on later model kun26's is a monitor wire so the ecu knows what duty cycle the alternator is working at. Jamon_23 I bought the DC Power 270XP as well and installed it around the end of April 2011 in my car and have not once had any issue with it still to this date! Mine did not look anything like the one you have though. At the same time, we did a Big 3 wiring upgrade, new  Alternator Specifications for 13968-270-xp. Sort SORT BY : Sort, Featured, Best selling, Alphabetically, A-Z, Alphabetically,  Great alternators, courteous people, exceptional quality. Our competitors use alternator bearings which can cause extreme heat and destroy serpentine belts. 00 two batteries. Start new topic Apr 30, 2010 · Installation of my DC Power Engineering triple kit for a 5. 7v charge (ie-higher recovery) rate would be critical to a 12v secondary system, particularly one with AGM's. I ONLY POUND BLOCKS AND PUSSY. 4 Changed from stock alternator to Nations GT500 270XP alternator. This is very picture-heavy. $56. 7-270XP is $875 When an alternator goes full-field, the voltage rises quickly until the alt reaches its max output. If you are running with aftermarket CAC boots, modification of the boots may be necessary to achieve proper fit. 6L Price: $729. Skid Plate(S) Steering Wheel - Power Tilt And Telescopic. I have our 270xp in my camry and in traffic with just my ac on I SAFETY DATA SHEET In accordance with Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 (REACH), Annex II DATE OF ISSUE 15 April 2011 СКМС30 АРKПН European name Jun 14, 2010 · Correct guys. Load tested and all. For those of you who have done similar upgrades in the past, do you have any helpful hints on  16 Dec 2010 its a 270xp? They are legit and build very good products. i sent off yet another email. Sort SORT BY : Sort, Featured, Best selling, Alphabetically, A-Z, Alphabetically,  Search By Year, Make and Model. Call 604-510-0800 for high output Balmar/ DC Power Solutions/ Nations Alternator upgrades as well as powerful Xantrex/ Magnum/ OutBack and Victron Inverter-Chargers for Marine and RV's as well as Mercedes-Benz, Dodge, Chevrolet and Nissan van conversions including Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans. 2L 2000, F250 F350 E250 E350 7. There is a lot more going on inside our facility than simply selling the most advanced Dec 20, 2019 · Alternator Brand New Fits 2003 2004 Ford Expedition Or Navigator Sell For 21400 At Napa 8318 270xp 270 Amp Xp High Output Alternator For 2005 2011 Ford Expedtion Nations Starter & Alternator, Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Jan of 2018 I sold the truck it was in, and took the alternator out. POWER alternator with the 6. I'd like to replace just the pulley if possible since the alternator only has 75k miles on it. 3906 products. Does 200amps of power at engine idle and over 270 above 1,500rpm. 390XP High Amp Dual Alternator Kit Package for GMC, Chevrolet, Hummer 3. i ran  9 Feb 2018 The OEM alternator is 110 amps. 6L An alternator has a resistance of 4 ohm which is a good balance between amperage and voltage. Not engine  -270xp. 7 volts from idle to redline, but it was unsafe to go WOT due to cold temps and poor traction. 11548-270XP High Amp Alternator for a 2013-2017 Jeep Wrangler 3. US I used this in my old ram build (log is here, link in sig). Includes alternator pulley Remanufactured Alternator If your car is running out of power (literally) it's likely due to a worn Had the OEM alternator and was trying to get the car tuned and my A/F ratio wasnt cooperating with the tuner. NOTE: This alternator works with both lead acid and AGM batteries as it is regulated at 14. 270XP High Output Alternator for 1999-2020 GM Trucks/SUVs starting at $629. Installed this 250 amp Alternator in my 2001 GMC Sierra Automatic Four wheel drive ZR71. 2 October at 14:09 · 270 amp alternator for Nissan 350Z/370Z 13912-270XP Dodge Truck 270XP High Amp DC Power Alternator 2001 - 2006 $286. Mar 21, 2014 · Here is the direct link to purchase the alternator: Pioneer 80prs/2 Tantric SHD 21"s WALLED/5 90AH batteries/DC power 270XP Alt/Taramps T20. I will be upgrading the alternator on this truck and have looked online for a high output alternator. Vehicle Info 2007 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor Audio (4) 15″ Flatwall (4) Team Fi […] Lexus Lx470. Link to 270XP on Nations Website: Click Here Aug 18, 2014 · Ford 6. 8; IDLE AMPERAGE: 200; HOT IDLE AMPERAGE  Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for MERCEDES SPRINTER 2500 080-17 270xp High Amp Dual Alternator Kit for 3. Factory chromed 18” wheels. 0L 11272-270XP High Output Alternator for 2010-2014 Ford Transit Connect 2. memory is a B some times. 2L diesel) engines. Posts. 95 second one has done admirably but I will now replace it with a "Premier Power Welder" alternator that can handle welding operations. Sep 06, 2019 · Let me start off with my last car I had a 2004 buick lesabre had a 270xp HO Alternator that cost me around $700. Your alternator is the lifeblood of your cars or trucku001as electrical system, and it is responsible for keeping your battery charged, your radio kicking, and your accessories energized. Audio & Electronics. If i put a bigger pulley on it it would be really ***** the engine at idle. DC power has good alternator if you want to upgraded, I have the 270XP & it's badass. com/ http://www. 17779 Main Street, Suite C Irvine, CA 92614 www. The 270 XP produces 200 amps of charging current at 14. The available OEM alternators for the 1VD-FTV (4. First look, looks the same as My original 105 amp Alternator K68 option The Output terminal should be a lot larger (as my Lactrical 200 amp Alternator is) but, it is the same size as my original. 5. 0 Coilovers in the front and Fox 2. 2L gasoline) engines. Jump to Latest Follow Yeah, I'm looking into the M2K alternator as the best option given the limited mounting available for the 1FZ-FE engine. 510-500-5555 Skid plate(s) In Car Entertainment: Video system: DVD player. Just moved back to the states in January, bought the whip, and been If you are running a Banks or other aftermarket CAC tube application, this alternator will not fit in your application. May 26, 2011 · So here it is people. T. I have a 270XP alternator from DC Power. 7L 2001-05 DODGE RAM PICKUPS 4. A Dual Alternator Bracket and Alternator for 99- UP Chevy The Large Case Denso Hairpin 270 Amp XP series high output alternator is a component of a next generation high efficiency, severe duty charging system specifically engineered for DC Power Engineering. Reply. 95 . lol © Cummins Generator Technologies, Fountain Court, Lynch Wood, Peterborough, PE2 6FZ, UK I run DC Power's 270XP alternator on my truck and have seen HUGE gains in the after-start voltage number department as a result. That much needed voltage keeps my amps running cool and safe. Specifications: Hot idle output: 180 amps. the FIRST Hyundai Santa Fe High Output Alternator on EARTH!!! Courtesy of DC Power INC. 71 Kgs. JEGS 10050 Junior Dragster Mini Starter 17. All XS Power Wire. Jul 05, 2018 · D. for the dc alt 270XP. Does anyone know of a cable kit that includes all needed cables and fuses that are of the correct length and gauge for the GT500? Alternator, Internal Regulator, 140 Amp, Natural Finish, Buick, Chevy, GMC, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Each. I've read through the big 3 and will be doing that upgrade. 6L 11548-270XP High Amp Alternator for a 2013-2017 Jeep Wrangler 3. DC Power Engineering 270XP Alternator 200 Amps at idle! 12. Accessories. KHB Alternators, dual, 150 amps and 220 amps each 1 - Requires (L5P) Duramax 6. 2kw/DSP3000/DSP1600 I need some recommendations on a "higher amperage than stock" alternator and "higher CCA than stock" battery for my JK. So in all I had about $2000. Has Hid headlight kits in the Low Beams and Fog lights (6000k). I put the almost 10 yr old factory alt back on and everything is good again, except for the glaring fact that I have a dead alternator. 8L 1993-1996 4. Category 91 Honda Civic Dual Alternators - Duration: 4:17. 0L 5. Big three with real 1/0awg in the whole car and still had a little bit of dimming. In addition, this vehicle has a higher ground clearance and center of gravity than that of an ordinary passenger car. 2001-On Dodge Durango. Oct 21, 2014 · Two red Optima batteries and a kintik’s 2400 battery and charging them is a dc power 270xp alternator, three sets 0 gage wire for positive and one 0 gage ground and the big three done. 2-270XP. Toolmaker custom battery terminals. 7v? though I'm not sure why a 14. 7-270XP is $875 Ford 6. 0 Di Turbo Output: 190 Amp at idle and 270 Amp at driving speed) Price: $875 Best regards, Tony Kassem ----- M2K Inc. 9 Apr 2013 bit of an audio nut!) and would like to purchase a new alternator. 1,191 likes · 2 talking about this · 40 were here. DC Power Engineering is a company that keeps true to its name. TLC-4. m2kinc. For everyone's info the the SBC 100 series alternators price like this: SBC-T4. The available OEM alternators for the 1HD-FTE (4. Glow plug draw is no longer competition for the alternator, but the 190 was much better than the 110 amp factory unit. 6L SBC-T4. Filter (1). 0L Staying at 185 also meant no additional wiring was necessary. DC Power Engineering, Riverside, CA. 11K likes. K. Additional info- 120 Amp stock ALT and im having current (pun) light dimming issues with my 930 watt kicker amp with my completely stock electrical system (no extra battery or big three upgrade) This is a 2001 GTI Golf hatchback. Trending at $68. See all. THE XP ALTERNATOR Available in 270 Amps with an optional upgrade to 370 Amps The XP Series Alternators are built on the worlds first Segment Conductor (Hairpin) alternator design. All charging parameters are controlled within the regulator in the alternator. 6. Maybe contacting DC Power directly and ask them for a 185amp alternator for our cars? DC Power 270XP alternator 144,000 miles and counting. Address 9337 Douglas Dr. © 2020 Privacy Policy   May I also mention that the large case Denso alternator (270XP) was rated at 180 (155 HOT) amps at 1,800 ALTERNATOR RPMs. View 7768 270xp High Amp Alternator For Ford Bronco E Series F Series Escort Explorer Ranger Zx2 Alternator Rebuild Kit 2013 2016 Ford Escape 1 6l 2017 2018 At Tucson Alternator Exchange we have a full line of Remanufactured Alternators and starters at Wholesale prices! Has a Dc Power 270xp alternator and Big 3 upgrade (ofc wires). May 25, 2015 · Ford 6. We have new and custom made performance parts as Great alternators, courteous people, exceptional quality. The interior is painted blue. Feb 23, 2018 · Im looking into upgrading to a higher output alternator for my 2007 5. Body/Exterior 2015 Mercedes Sprinter Cargo 2500 170” WB . This alternator is designed to be an exact replacement to the OEM alternator for the 1HZ engine. The alternator was a direct OEM fitment with effortless installation. Had the alternator go out on my 2007 gt500 and was planning to get the Nations 270XP High Output Alternator. 31 Aug 2012 So I ordered a used 270 XP for $360 shipped on CACO for my GMC Jimmy ( fancy Blazer, same 1 DC Power 270XP High Output Alternator 8290-270XP 270 Amp High Output Alternator for Chevrolet, GMC, Isuzu, Oldsmobile with 4. Alternator voltage regulation was tight once again at about 14. 2-390XP. 9w sub in sound ordnance bass bunker, UWS Black Deep Toolbox, Nasta SS Nerf Bars, Rugged Liner Bed Liner, AVS chrome bug shield, EGR in channel vent visors, Ballistic Enigma 20x9 wheels & Nitto nt420 285/50R20 tires, Hellwig 7697 Ef8fd 36 Volt Fork Lift Battery Charger Wiring Diagram Wiring Apr 07, 2005 · hi asked to be the ginnie pig & ill buy the 270. Changed from stock alternator to Nations GT500 270XP alternator. SBC-T4. Jun 06, 2016 · Hi enginerd4ni, Yes, that "Nations Starter & Alternator 270-XP" is the one that I installed in my truck It's everything that it's promised to be and more! For those of you who have attempted to order the 270xp from DC Power Engineering or Nations Starter & Alternator When I first got one of their products for another car I had bench tested it at my local alternator shop. Was pretty weird I must admit, 4 years later I just called Ed for the 270XP. Nationsstarteralternator. If you are concerned about the alternator, check out d&b electrical. 7L Engine. Is there any market for used KDD heads at a good discount? I am leaning towards having KDD building a whole new long block after my lifter failure and I would be left with a set of extra KDD heads & ARP 425 studs that were Dec 29, 2012 · 270XP DC Alternator. 2L turbo diesel) engine are rated up to 80 Amps and only produce 60 Amps at idle. 4l Pontiac G6 to support audio equipment and an inverter when  2 Jan 2012 what kind of amps are you running? i currently have a DC power 270XP alternator. so my My alternator clutch pulley sounds like trash. The car did fine with that set up. 2 Liter Engine 90AMP Alternator 1 Year Warranty. Bam! Is  Alternator. 2-270XP · SBC-T4. 92 gears Stock TC Picture is from the '14 the mechanic has ripped apart. This system consists of a 270 Amp alternator and internal regulator. dcpowerinc. The Jeep is driving okay, but my battery is 3. I paid $300 The DC Power alternator was a direct fit to my 2004 6thgen Maxima. It uses a different drive belt for the water pump, alternator and power . All of our XP series alternators are designed for one purpose, brute force idle output. 5L turbo diesel) are rated up to 150 Amps and only produce 90 Amps at idle. New Alternator Replacement For Ford Explorer V6 4. If i put a bigger pulley on it it would be really ******* the engine at idle. I'll let you know :) Here’s a brief rundown of the notable pieces: Pioneer DEH-80PRS – Head unit Vifa NE25VTS-04 - Tweeters Exodus Anarchy – Mids DC Power 270XP alternator 144,000 miles and counting. 270XP High Amp Alternator for Dodge Dakota, Durango, Ram & Jeep Commander, Grand Cherokee, Liberty Vehicles (11276-270XP) 270 Amp XP High Output Alternator (Subaru Impreza WRX 2007 2. It is a month beyond warranty (of course). Link to 270XP on Nations Website: Click Here. Press Reg 3” CAC Pipes & CSF 7106 I. 95 · 8290-270XP 270 Amp High Output Alternator for  Description. nick168. This heavy-duty alternator generates a maximum of 270 Amps at normal driving speeds and produces 200 Amps at idle. 4RExplorer. nationsstarteralternatoput-Alternator-for-Mustang-p/gt500-270-xp. F/S is my DC Power 270xp Cased for 01 Ram 1500 3. how much power are you running in your malibu? You can also look into mechman at . 2-350XP · SBC-T4. 5TD-270XP. Nov 24, 2010 · Need A Reliable Alternator? EXO's Got The Hook Up! Call DC Power Today! Toll Free: 1-888-441-0144 https://www. High Output Alternators. Also half the cost. 5-270xp The available OEM alternators for the 1FZ-FE (4. Alright, with that said, here’s the build log. Those with slow connections may be frustrated. 9. 95 I have 2015 JKU with the Genesis Off Road dual batter setup and I put in a Nations 270 Amp Alternator. youtube. DODGE DURANGO 4. 0L V8 Powerstroke Diesel) hey guys so i finally got my DC power 270XP alternator and. I'll have pictures up as soon as possible. thesixcar Jul 05, 2018 · D. It might make sense to get a better alternator if: 1. The M2K wins hands down on output, capability and size so I'm going to head that Mods - please remove if this is the wrong place for the question. Only 2 of the 3 alts installed at the moment. Your alternator is putting out less than 13. If you don't see you specific application, give us a call at 515-897-4459 and we can work to find a solution for you. I had them get and install a nationwide alternator made for this motor and not a problem since GT-500-270XP High Output Alternator for Ford Mustang with 5. Has aftermarket alarm and remote start. OUTPUT (VOLT) 208V THREE PHASE 13912-270XP Dodge Truck 270XP High Amp DC Power Alternator 2001 - 2006 the alternator in my 88 2wd pickup is a 60 amp? is there another stock alternator that will bolt in? i heard of gm alternators or volvo. 0’s in the rear, Total Chaos UCA’s, Allpro expo leafs, K&N cold air intake, TRD headers,Magnaflow catback exhaust,URD short throw shifter, switched out my 60/40 bench seat for some Tacoma Limited seats Jun 18, 2014 · Attn: Nissan & Infiniti Truck & SUV Customers • • 270 Amp Alternator 200 Amps at idle Part Number: 11256-270XP Custom Powdercoating Available Give us a call today! • • # nationsstarteralternator # nationsalternator # highampalternator # highampalternators # 270amps # Nissanhighampalternator # Infinitihighampalternator # madeinusa Jan 28, 2014 · I would rather not purchase a HO alternator. This alternator is a Direct fit and requires no modification or cable rerouting! Cheers! _____ 2012 LiFePO4 house battery with 270XP alternator. One XS 5100R. maybe I'm thinking wrong. As my alternator has been submerged in water plenty, I would not want to ruin an expensive SBC that way. 4l Pontiac G6 to support audio equipment and an inverter when off-grid. Your car might die, but you may be able to restart it with a jump start. com 8318-270XP 270 Amp XP High Output Alternator for 2005-2011 Ford Expedtion F-150 Lincoln Navigator Price $639. was driving and the truck started spitting and sputtering then I turned it off and started it again it died then I started it again and it died? fuse 27 was good fuel pump relay I think was good but I think the code was still on the truck so im not sure if it would let the truck start or not with that code thrown So I think if I match it with a 270 amp alternator, I'll be ok on power and charging. A rebuilt Motorcraft alternator from a Ford dealer would cost $250 and had a 2 year warranty, but it would have to be ordered. 13994-270XP High Amp Alternator for Toyota & Lexus 4. This alternator doesn't cost much more than a good 25A charger. 5 volts at idle. These guys make some of  24 Nov 2010 Need A Reliable Alternator? EXO's Got The Hook Up! Call DC Power Today! Toll Free: 1-888-441-0144 https://www. The ScanGauge can have up to 24 X-Gauges programmed. They claim high idle amp output and it's really true. On their 270xp series alternator I was seeing 170+ amps at that vehicles idle, simulated on the bench and when spun past 1000rpm [at the engine speed] 260 amps. The alternator produces a maximum of 270 amps and will produce a minimum of 170 amps continually at low idle speeds and maximum output above 1800 engine RPM. I run 2 Odyssey PC1200's in the rig and 2 more odyssey PC 1200's in the trailer(on trickle charge from rig) . 0l D at the best  Great alternators, courteous people, exceptional quality. DC Power 270XP alternator 144,000 miles and counting. 3l Chevrolet Silverado. Its been sitting in my closet for over a year now. The alternator produces a maximum of 270 amps and will produce a minimum of 170 amps continually at low idle speeds and maximum output above 1800 engine RPM. Our XP series alternators are designed for unsurpassed idle output for extended periods of time. i personally am not a big fan of mechman. $140, lifetime warranty, and they had one on the shelf. knightgang 270 Amp XP High Output Alternator – DC Power Inc. 26 Jun 2019 I'm considering getting a 270-XP high-output alternator. 0L 1993-1996, F150 4. My limited knowledge of car audio has gone up 100%. We have new and custom made performance parts as “With no multiple alternator setups available for my vehicle, I run the best power-cells available to help supplement for a less capable charging system. Sunroof, Alpine iDA-X305 with KCE-250BT, Kicker 1000w amp, Q-Logic box with 2 Alpine R8's, K&N CAI,Nations 270 amp Alternator, Optima Red Top and Optima Yellow Top, Bilstein 5100's 5th notch, Total Chaos UCA, Diff drop, Pro Comp 1. This is the 180 amp. I ran a stock alternator. 7L Power Stroke Diesel :: Died - Got Code PO627? Apr 30, 2017. Ford 6. 185 Amp Series Alternator for 6. 18 Sep 2017 Short story: I purchased a 13859-270-XP alternator from DC Power about 3 months ago. The alternator has a maximum efficiency in excess of 75 percent. I went with an alternator from Autozone. The rectifier is mounted onboard the alternator and consists of 12 50 amp press fit diodes. 2-270XP ALTERNATOR Output Voltage 15. May 13, 2017 · Just a few weeks ago, I discovered a company by the name of "Nations starter and alternator", who claimed to have a large case "Denso hairpin" alternator capable of 270 amps full output (180 amps curbside idle). This high-output alternator is designed to be a direct OEM replacement for the TB42E and TB42S (4. This alternator comes with an unprecedented full two year warranty. com/user/dcp 270XP High Amp Dual Alternator Kit Package for GMC, Chevrolet, Hummer, Cadillac Price:$899. 95 180 Amp HP High Output Alternator (Ford F-250 Super Duty 2004 6. They may have just upgraded some things and made it look a little better but it should work flawlessly. 5L H4 Turbo) $629. Was kind of pricey but well built. D. DB Electrical AFD0110 Aftermarket Alternator Compatible With/Replacement For Ford Lincoln 4. 13977 ALTERNATOR HONDA CIVIC 2002 - 2005 $120. Save Share. com Phone: +1 949 333 3800 Especially when the Advance one has a lifetime warranty. I put a new rope on my winch not too long ago and decided to pretension the line Part #: SBC-NY61-270XP Description: OEM replacement high output alternator for Nissan Patrol Y61 3. 4 Starter, BPD Waterpump Jul 18, 2015 · Or is there something I missed as a replaced the alternator? View 14 Replies Ford 6. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Apr 07, 2011 · I have a 270XP alternator from DC Power. The 270 Amp XP Series high output alternator is the ultimate upgrade for Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Hummer and Oldsmobile vehicles. 11-04-2019 07:04 PM by 4RExplorer. dannyboy950 What Makes a van a home? Meet Ubu Rundown of Ubu’s components The nitty-gritty guts and glory of most every system in Ubu. Has anyone had any issues or problems with this alternator? DC Power 270XP Die Hards 6. . 2-320 · SBC-T4. 2td-270xp The available OEM alternators for the 1HD-FTE (4. 99 Add To Cart 14 KW RIP 2006 Tundra DC with: Eclipse AVN5500 Navigation System, Kicker IX500. DC Power Engineering. com/  Balmar 604-120-DV Alternator -12 Volt 120 Amp Dual Pulley On sale $857. 270xp alternator

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